Integrated multidisciplinary research network

The Program, through a research project approved in the PRONEX / FAPESPA / CNPQ 14/2009 Official Notice  has as one of its objectives to build an integrated network of multidisciplinary research and permanent discussion, which can act in partnership (researchers and institutions) in academic development, scientific and technological development in the thematic area of ​​global and regional climate change, including impacts, vulnerabilities, human dimensions and economic and social responses, in addition to generating subsidies for the formulation of public policies for adapting and mitigating climate and environmental changes in the Amazon, with a particular focus on the development of the state of Pará. The project benefits from the constitution of a network of researchers from different scientific areas, who, through a multidisciplinary approach, supported by renowned research and teaching institutions, will diagnose and point out the changing trends of Pará's ecosystems , especially ar natural areas and distribution areas with internal changes in response to future global climate change scenarios.