Social insertion

The Program develops a set of activities aimed at social insertion through partnerships, agreements and joint actions with the State and civil society in the area of ​​Defense and Civil Protection. This performance has enabled the insertion and regional and national impact of the Program, through research and extension projects developed by the program's teachers. In this sense, the participation of PPGGRD professors and students in the extension project is registered: UFPA / SUDAM Agreement - 03/2012, which develops products and models for flood forecasting and monitoring of extreme hydro-climatic events used by the Municipal Coordination, Regional Civil Defense in their operational routines of prevention, alert and development of actions aimed at minimizing the social, economic and environmental impacts caused by these events. This agreement also acts in the training of technical personnel of medium and higher level through training in civil defense, extreme hydro-climatic events, impacts and planning of civil defense actions appropriate to these events.


Interfaces with Basic Education

PPGGRD professors work in partnership with actions aimed at interfacing with basic education in order to disseminate studies aimed at minimizing risk and natural disasters in the Amazon among elementary and high school students, promoting activities and tasks that serve the understanding of meteorology , from the observation and analysis of the variability of some climatic elements, in the extension projects developed by the program. Some studies have been developed by PPGGRD students in partnership with public schools with application to basic education, among them we can list:

“Environmental education and socio-environmental vulnerability: increasing the participation of the vulnerable in reducing environmental risks in the neighborhood of Guamá”

"Quality management applied to environmental and urban planning in the city of Belém do Pará: case of irregular occupation of the riverbanks"

"Environmental education for disaster mitigation and prevention: the transversal theme of civil defense applied in municipal schools in the municipality of Abaetetuba".

Other study proposals are also underway, such as the perception of risks to disasters by students from public elementary schools. Perception of vulnerability to fires by populations living in riverside settlements in the Amazon.