In addition to research and development of methodologies adapted to the Amazon, for the monitoring and forecasting of extreme events that cause natural disasters and studies of vulnerabilities of populations located in disaster risk areas, it is very important that this knowledge is directed to the training of human resources prepared to use these techniques and develop new ones, always with the objective of minimizing disaster risks. Thus, the Master's Student in Risk Management and Natural Disasters in the Amazon - PPGGRD / UFPA, intends to fill this gap in the training of managers and technicians trained in the use, development and formulation of new risk management models in the Amazon that can be used by the institutions that make up the National Civil Defense System at the federal, state and municipal levels, within the scope of the Legal Amazon, to subsidize the activities of planning and preparing Civil Defense actions. A pilot experience that will be implemented in the first half of 2018 is the execution of a training course in the interior of the state of Pará, taught in three modules lasting one week for municipal civil defense coordinators. This course aims to train civil defense coordinators and professionals related to civil defense areas to make decisions in emergency situations or in a state of public calamity due to the performance of an extreme event and to point out the paths and legal measures that must be followed before the establishment of a natural disaster situation.